Healthy Lifestyle


Yoga – Art of Living for Healthy Life Style

Chairman had cherished goal of reintroducing Yoga among the inhabitants of the Mandal with the support from SSVYASA University based at Bangalore. At the beginning, two selected candidates from community were trained at Bangalore who later started Yoga classes for the community where Total Health operational villages. Integrated Yoga Programe under “Stop Diabetes Movement” for Prevention and Management of Type- Two Diabetes Mellitus also initiated September 2016 onwards in Fifteen Villages.


Yoga for Stop Diabetes Movement

Integrated Yoga Program under Stop Diabetes Movement for Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus has been inaugurated on 18-09-2016.This program would aim to mitigate the complications of diabetic mellitus and initially piloted in 15 targeted villages for 200 diabetic patients. INITIATED INTEGRATED YOGA FOR STOP DIABETES MELLITUS in convergence with S-VYASA University, Bangalore.


Basic Architecture

There are farmers with traditional practice of growing vegetables in their backyards. But the types of vegetables produced will be very less, seeds used will be of poor quality with lot of admixtures and also genetically impure because of lack of awareness on seed standards and management practices.Thus in such cases, benificiary will be supplied with quality seeds of diverse vegetables coupled with capacity building of benificiary on seed improvement and seed production by themselves.

Expected outcomes • Average availability of atleast 0.5 Kg of vegetables per day through NGs • Marginal benificiary family will produce and consume quality vegetables. • Look out option to role out commerical model in second Phase.

Impact potential: • Produces Nutritional Variety of vegetables. • Enhanced food and nutritional security. • Efficient and meaningful use of crop residues, household wastes, water etc. • Saves money and helps to generate additional income.


Sports -Way out for Youth Development

Under banner “Bringing people together for creating better tomorrow through sports”; Total Health organizes a Rural Sports Meet on regular basis for the youth of Thavanampalle Mandal. Idea behind was to engagement and involve all sections of the community in a constructive work so that they would be mentally, physically, spiritually and socially fit to take forward the challenges in their respected life and strive to keep the community at large Healthy. Also provides sports materials and prizes to encourage the youth to take active participation in sports and other village development activities. Nine Volley Ball teams from Eleven Gram Panchayats and Two Kabbadi team participated in the events.