Swachh Bharat

As part of Swachh Bharat, Total Health has initiated to keep the environment clean and green in the villages and by segregation of the household garbage at the source. In Aragonda Gram Panchayat 1400 households got the Dust Bins (2 dust bins) one for wet and the other one for dry household waste collection. The gram panchayat collects the household waste at the door steps of the houses and has the proper disposal mechanism.


Vanam-Manam : Tree Saplings Plantation and Distribution


Solar Street Lamps

As commitment towards Natural resource conservation, Total Health the installed and maintains Thirty-Five Street Solar Lamps in and around Aragonda Gram Panchayat with the support from in Philips, India.


Polyhouse (Agriculture)

The first crop was English cucumber and now bell pepper is planted. We are motivating local farmers for alternate farming practices with multi crop focus. We organized couple of meetings with them along with the bank officials.